Cake It ‘Til You Make It

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming – ‘Tales from St. Joe’ – to bring you some exciting news: we may have found our cakemaker.

Naning, one of Jessica’s aunts, who is from Indonesia and lives in Jessica’s grandmother’s home in San Francisco and has three fantastic children, recently started making and decorating cakes. Her business is called Sweet Little Things – and, well, they’re some of the most splendid cakes I’ve ever seen. Let me start you off with a little taste:

These are cupcakes she made for her son Seamus’s 2nd grade class; each little cake represents one of his classmates. Needless to say, Seamus obviously has the coolest mom in the whole class, and it’s probably not even all that close. I mean, look at those. Imagine being a 9-year-old, having your classmate’s birthday celebrated with cupcakes, and then getting yours and seeing a cartoon version of your VERY OWN FACE on it. If you try to tell me you wouldn’t run around the classroom screaming and flailing your arms, then you’re a liar. Stop lying on my blog! The internet is no place for that.

Anyway, this is Naning:

Naning took a cake decorating class about a year ago, and since then has been making amazing cakes for events. Here’s one she made for a baby shower:

And this is one she made for a children’s pool party:

Look it even has a towel, a cooler, some flip flops, and a dog licking up some spilled pool water!

Naning has tentatively agreed to make our wedding cake (and/or groom’s cake, a thing I only just learned about recently), and clearly we’re thrilled. The reason I say ‘tentatively’ is that despite her vast talents, Naning is still new to cake making and is nervous about taking on a responsibility like that. She wants to practice making larger cakes and hone her skills so that she can blow us away for our wedding.

But look, she’s already made this cake:

It’s pretty dang amazing, and plus it’s pretty big and wedding-like. When Naning was telling us she wasn’t comfortable yet making a wedding cake, Jessica and I nodded and smiled and said all the right things, but secretly we were both thinking, “um… you’re like some sort of cake genius.”

Anyway, we can’t wait to come up with some ideas. Maybe she’ll only end up making the groom’s cake, or maybe someone else will make the bulk of the cake and Naning will make some sort of “topper,” or maybe she’ll make the whole damn thing. Whatever she does, it will rule.

I’ll leave you with some more “cake porn:”


2 responses to “Cake It ‘Til You Make It

  1. face cupcakes! too cute!!!

    Naning is all kinds of talented!

  2. OMG! I want more cake porn pics!

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