A Missoura Kinda Weekend

Jessica has two brothers. One of them is named Sam. He lives in Texas but he used to live in Missouri, where he went to school on a baseball scholarship. He’s a pretty great guy. On Saturday, he’s getting married to a pretty great gal named Emily. Here they are, looking smashingly good in an engagement photo:

Aren’t they awesome?

Yes, they are. And now they will cement their awesomeness by tying the knot.

I’ll be in St. Joseph, Missouri, until Monday, and I may post once or twice through the magic of “post scheduling.” Then again, I may not. The mysteries of life!

But I’ll be sure to have lots of weddingery to report on when I come back, especially as Jessica and I have decided to steal our favorite aspects of all the weddings we’re going to between now and our own. Which is something like 4 or 5 of them.




3 responses to “A Missoura Kinda Weekend

  1. i discovered your blog recently, and had to pipe in when you said “st. joseph, mo” (aka st-jo-mo) – my grandparents live there; it’s where my mother grew up, and it’s so itty-bitty i never expected to find it mentioned on the blog world!

    enjoy your time there (I’m heading there next weekend to say hello to g’ma) – and congrats on your upcoming wedding. i read the post of your fiancee’s father’s “shut-it-down” time and i thought it was brilliant…

  2. Sam and Emily look beautiful!!! (BTW… my name is Emily and my sister is Sam and we grew up with the Walkers, so clearly Sam and Emily’s marriage is fate.)

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