Jessica: Because She’s Hella Funny

I’m from the Bay Area, so I say “hella.” It’s a reality of my life. I’ll admit I don’t say it much anymore, but I used to. A term that originated in Northern California, I used it regularly until I moved to Southern California in 1999 to begin my college career at Pomona. It gradually slipped out of my vocabulary, and then at a certain point I decided to reclaim it, and made a concerted effort to reintegrate it back into my parlance as a symbol of my heritage. Now I drop it into my speech from time to time, mostly as a marker of my heritage. I also use the term “bootsy” on occasion, for the same purpose.

Anyway – I was driving over to dinner at our pals’ Holly and Joel’s place, and Jessica was commenting on how regularly I was posting on this blog.

“You’re posting almost every day!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I said, “but it sure is hard. I don’t know how bloggers do it.”

“You’re like… the postmaster general,” she said. There was a brief silence as the hilarity of what she said sank in. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, and started clapping her hands together. “That was goooood.”

As a punster, I had to admit it.

“Good one baby,” I said.

She crossed her arms and smiled cockily.

It was a good one.

She's trying to be serious but she's too funny for that.


One response to “Jessica: Because She’s Hella Funny

  1. Mary C. Jorgensen

    I giggled all through Sunday-Double-Newspaper-Breakfast-Time here at Campus Drive about the postmaster general. I’ve become more mature now that breakfast is done and only chuckle about every five minutes. Jessica, you win the hella giggle-funny award for seven whole days!

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