Anonymous Wedding Stories, Vol. I

I keep trying to start “features” on this blog, like Bridezilla Watch and Awesome Friend Watch and such, that I vainfully hope will become regular or at least semi-regular. I feel like people who read blogs enjoy features. I read blogs and I love recurringly similar posts on a certain theme, which I suppose is why I feel the need to keep creating them.

So only time will tell if Volume I of this particular category will be the only entry, or if this will become the first of many, but at least I can never be accused of having too few features. And now with no more uses of the word “feature” I will launch right into it.

A friend was recently telling me about her wedding, many years ago, which took Place in Reno. They drove out from the Bay Area, had a very small ceremony, and were happily wed in Vegas Junior.

Following the wedding, she and her newly behusbanded were strolling through a casino. They didn’t have much money, which meant that for one, they weren’t going to have a honeymoon, and second, they weren’t going to gamble.

As they walked the casino floor her husband noticed an unplayed Keno card on the ground, turned to his wife, and suggested they play it.

“I mocked him,” she remembers, “and I told him it was ridiculous to play a card he’d found on the ground.”

That didn’t stop him, though. He played it.

“I’m glad he did. We won $1,500,” she says. “We immediately bought tickets to Mexico and had ourselves a honeymoon after all.”

I tend to not believe in fate, and little tales like these are part of why I don’t – fate makes this story banal, because it suggests that it was meant to happen, designed by a higher power or by the invisible hand of destiny. But what’s the fun in that?

Luck & happenstance make it just a little bit special. And I hope Jessica and I run into a little luck on our adventure. Heck – we already have.


One response to “Anonymous Wedding Stories, Vol. I

  1. That is amazing! Always love a little wedding magic. I’m sure you and Jessica will have some.

    p.s. Nice new banner! Jessica’s gorgeous!

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