Wacky Weddings Wednesday!

Okay, so it’s actually Friday. But Fracky Freddings Friday just doesn’t make any sense, so I’m confused as to why you’d even suggest it.

As I’ve been a busy little bee today, there won’t be time for the highly-anticipated conclusion to the thrilling tale of my engagement. I know, I know. What a crock. I promise it will be forthcoming, though likely not until Monday, as I know that most of you only read blogs at work, and that much of Internetland shuts down over the weekend.

Why was I busy? Well – normally, I volunteer at a nearby Berkeley public school on Wednesday mornings, in order to get my “early field hours” for when I eventually apply for a teaching credential program. This Wednesday, the kids had an all-day field trip, so I went this morning instead. The kids had writing time after recess and were charged with composing a couple sentences that included the what, who, where, and why of a basic story. One little girl wrote about her aunt and uncle who were getting married this summer, and she was going to be the flower girl at the wedding.

This was the very first Google image result for "flower boy."

“I was a flower girl once,” another little girl said, “and you get to throw flowers ALL OVER the people getting married.”
“Cooooool!” a little boy said. “I want to be a flower girl!”
The girls laughed at him. “No, you want to be a flower boy.”
“But that’s not even a real thing,” the boy protested.
“Well, why not?” I asked. The boy looked at me. “Whoever heard of a flower girl being played by a boy!”
I had never heard of that, though I am sure it has happened. But I carried on: “Well, there’s a first time for everything, right?”
He mulled that over. “Yeah, OK. I wanna be the first flower boy ever.”
The girls laughed again. He looked at them with very serious eyes and said calmly, “It’s not funny. It’s my destiny.” He dragged out the word destiny so it was like desssssssstiny.

Anyways – As it’s Friday, I thought I’d get a little bit silly. One of my favorite “e-pastimes” is to do Google Image searches for random things to see what I might find, and today I thought that searching for “weird wedding” might just yield some treasures. I was totally right!

Before I display these images, let me begin with a disclaimer: I am not intending to make fun of any of these people. In fact, quite the opposite: I find it really refreshing that people do what they want at their weddings. Anyone who deviates from the soul-sucking, traditional world of corporate marriage is a winner in my book, whether it means playing a vampire-zombie or having a giant hamburger wedding cake. If you believe enough in something unusual to make it a focal point of your wedding, well – that’s awesome. I mean that.

Here’s a small sampling:

Have a great weekend, everyone.


2 responses to “Wacky Weddings Wednesday!

  1. The long drawn out “desssssssstiny” of the little boy reminds me of Back to the Future when Marty is coaching his high-school-aged father how to woo his mother. George McFly says “you are my dennnnnsity”. Really funny stuff.

    P.S. I can’t stop looking at the photo themed wedding picture. Just don’t get it.

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