Bridezilla Watch 5/7/10

It’s been a little while since our last Bridezilla Watch, but don’t get any ideas – Jessica’s still as wedding-crazed as she ever was. Every day it’s all like, “Hey Bret, weddings!” and “Yo, baby, wanna chat weddings?” or “BRET! WEDDINGS! MARRIAGE! OK?” Or, sometimes she’ll even try to trick me, like leaving me messages like “Hey Bret, I have something non-wedding-related to ask you, so call me back, ok? I promise it’s as unrelated to weddings as a heart attack.” But then when I call her back, she says “Psych! I actually wanted to ask you something about our wedding! Double psych!” and I’m all like “ooooooooh!” with a shaky fist in the air.

Then she dances, then I start to dance, we improvise a song together, and that’s pretty much what our Friday nights are like.

Anyway, not long ago we were talking about bridesmaids, and I wondered aloud what they might wear.

“Are you going to have them all wear the same dress? Doesn’t that get expensive for them?”

“No,” she said with an air of laissez-faire casualness, “they can just all wear whatever dress they want.” But then she got serious. “Actually,” she went on, “I want them all to wear something different. Yeah – they all have to wear something different.”



2 responses to “Bridezilla Watch 5/7/10

  1. Herbert Simplex, MD

    Ain’t it time to change the picture? You’ve been barfing whatever that is for weeks now.

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