Here It Gets Silly

Jessica and I just bought a wedding planning book, Budget Weddings For Dummies. Despite the fact that neither one of us is a dummy, it seems that the book will prove to be a valuable resource just the same. After all, the author planned her wedding for under $5,000, which either means she’s a genius, had a tiny wedding, or conned the caterers somehow.

In any case, we both decided that the best course of action right off the bat would be to pose for some photos with the book:

Here Jessica is thinking, "No WAY the average American wedding costs $20,000."

And then there’s me:

Here I'm all like, "whoa, look at all these money-saving tips!"

Then Jessica again:

And then me again:

Apparently this book is also a suspense novel because I am in suspense here


One response to “Here It Gets Silly

  1. Mary C. Jorgensen

    Jessica and Bret – What a relief to see that you both know how to look so intelligent (or is it dippy? or cute? or ?). I love the photos – good laughing here at 1288 Campus Drive (though Bog doesn’t laugh very well).

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