A Man Walks Into A Hamburger Bar. YUMSTERS!

This is the remnants of a meal we had in Mexico. This would have been an appropriate time to say "yumsters."

Jessica says “yumsters!” a lot when referring to food that either is delicious, was delicious, or is likely to be delicious sometime in the future. There is a certain specific way she says it, where the yum is the stressed syllable, and she will linger on the sters for a little while with a quiver in her voice. When she says it, you know that tasty food is involved. Greg, Cristin, and I are particular fans of the yumsters and have been known to utter it ourselves from time to time, ironically at first – like saying LOL out loud – but gradually it has become completely devoid of irony and is now a staple of the “calling things delicious” word category.

Jessica and I both invoked the yumsters simultaneously the other day when going through the list of approved caterers for the Bridezilian Room, which, btw, is pretty much a 99% certainty of being our wedding location. I KNOW, RIGHT! I’ll post about that later. One of the (only) downsides to the Bridezilian Room is that their list of caterers is not really big on barbecue, which may kill our dream of a pulled-pork-sandwich wedding. Frowny face! Let’s just put that one on the backburner for now, or perhaps more fittingly, on the back grill.

A new possibility, however, has sprung forth – a hamburger bar. “Wait,” you may say to me, “A hamburger bar… at a wedding? Why, I’ve never heard such blasphemy! Why not have a taco bar, or a Cheez-Wiz station, or the lowest of the low-class, a Make-Your-Own-Peeps station?”

I will answer you with a photo:

This is a hamburger. Imagine it on your plate at a wedding. Go on. You know you want to.

Forget, for a moment, that wedding caterers are usually interested in serving up your typical boring “seared this” with “fire-roasted that,” accompanied by “glazed those” and “triple-underhanded-julienned these” and so on – and imagine being told by the caterer that it’s your table’s turn to hit up the burger bar. Then you get to the burger bar, and you see than in addition to the typical assortment of condiments, you also see sauteed mushrooms. And bacon. And maybe some avocado. For the vegetarians, you see veggie burgers.

I mean, come on. That’s pretty great.

In any case, nothing’s decided about food – nothing is even close – as we are in the initial, fact-finding stages. It’s been a pretty overwhelming reality check to see the food prices, causing an occasional early-stage panic. I think food is going to turn out to be one of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding under $10,000, and who knows? We may end up with a potluck.

But in the meantime, until reality gets in the way, I know I’ll be falling asleep to visions of a fully-loaded hamburger bar. And that’s the kind of sleep I thrive on.


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