You Oughtta See This Odyssey of Oddities!

ctually they’re not really oddities, for the most part, I just happened to dream that up and found it to be a catchy phrase. Maybe I will start a semi-regular feature with this title, because semi-regular features need cool titles or else they just will not survive. In any case, I have a few random tidbits that perhaps did not each warrant their own post, but together could really make a dynamite entry to this blog.

Okay so:


For anyone who may not believe it about the fake mustache (and lip) trend – Terri, I am looking at you – here we have iron-clad proof:

If you look very closely you can see that they are fake

This is where the photo is from, as well as detailed instructions on how to make them. It seems that these particular ones are made out of clay. I have not yet figured out why you would want these, but then again, who am I to judge? I don’t like peanut butter or mint-flavored dessert items, so I don’t really have a leg to stand on when it comes to judging peoples’ taste. Also, I have discovered that I am a really big fan of tailoring your wedding to whatever the heck you think is cute and/or awesome, and these fine folks clearly like this idea. So I say: Godspeed, you mustachioed couples. Godspeed.


First of all, I have to apologize. In the first post I made about the Brazilian Room, I missed a golden opportunity to call it the Bridezillian room. I mean, what was I thinking? Clearly I wasn’t doing much thinking at all. It’s just so perfect, and perhaps it was indeed the utter perfectness of it all that made me miss it. To make up for this I will now exclusively refer to the place as The Bridezillian Room, so that you may see my commitment to consistent humor.

In any case, I have excellent news: I spoke with a nice man at the Bridezillian room who informed me that not only can they handle 150 people AND a dance floor, all the Thursdays in August 2011 are available. I essentially have one response to both those things:

So, I’m thinking that the Bridezillian Room is back to being our #1 choice. The price for a weeknight is only $600 for a 5-hour block, plus $75 for each extra hour, with a $150 (or so) insurance fee and a $1,000 cleaning deposit that we will get back if you people don’t totally mess everything up. So, you know, no burning or looting or things like that. Keep it PG-13 or there will be trouble.

So this brings up the following issue: is it actually “cool” to have a wedding on a weeknight? I’m pretty sure the answer is “yes, that’s totes cool,” but it’s certainly something that will affect the guests. Local people – who will make up the vast majority of the attendees – could even theoretically go back to work the next day, although we are going to have signs at all the exits saying “you must be this drunk to leave the wedding,”* so they might want to take Friday off anyway. It does force a certain percentage of the guests to take a couple days off work, but the money we’d save – in the thousand of dollars – makes it really, really hard to justify a weekend wedding. Anyway, more on that later. WAY more.

*[Not really but can you imagine!]


Jessica and I were gchatting the other day, and we were discussing what music we would want playing as people walk down the aisle.

Jessica: i think we should walk down the aisle to Bonnie Prince Billy’s Bed is for Sleeping
me: hmm Ill have to listen to that one
Jessica: actually, maybe that song doesn’t quite work
i think she leaves him at the end
me: what about if I write an original song???
or wait
Jessica: OH MY GOD
me: what if we wrote the lyrics together??/!?!?/1/!?1
Jessica: WHAT???
me: holy shit omg
me: I can see that

But yeah – what if I/we did write an original song? I play music, I have a dad who plays alto sax and all sorts of friends who play instruments, and if I put my mind to it I could probably write a truly kick-ass tune to walk down the aisle to. A lot of questions would need answering – play it live, or on CD? Lyrics or no? What would the song be about? Just one song, or many? Death metal or Australian prog-rock?

However it shakes out, I am absolutely going to at least TRY to write a song. Because it would be downright silly not to.


2 responses to “You Oughtta See This Odyssey of Oddities!

  1. The whole moustache trend was started by a few of big playas in the home design blogosphere– Grace of designsponge comes to mind, as do Stephen and Shauna of somethingshidinginhere. They really got it going by selling those moustaches-on-a-stick. The trend peaked in 2008/2009, I would say.

  2. Thanks for the lesson in blog history! I am new to this world and appreciate the knowledge.

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