Pointers: They’re Not Just Dogs Anymore

he other night we had a couple of friends over for dinner. Jessica made a couple of her classic Jessicuisines, an enchilada pie and an Alice Waters white cake for dessert with lemon curd in the middle and whipped cream on top. It was, needless to say, sensational. I never thought of “white cake” as being gourmet before, but this recipe involves lots of separating and beating and sifting and whipping and an obscure French baking technique known as le triple reversĂ© underhanded chuchottage and it ends up being pretty freaking classy. When she was assembling the cake, she made the mistake of setting the top layer on a bed of slippery, viscous lemon curd, and as we were sitting and chatting and imbibing fine champagne, we heard a soft WHUMP sound from somewhere behind Jessica. The top layer had slid off and landed, curd-side-up (thank goodness), on the cold hard kitchen ground.

“I will still eat that,” our guest Anders said, dead serious. “I will still eat that cake.”

We all still ate that cake, after a dutiful wipeoff of the bottom, and then soon talk veered towards weddings, as it frequently seems to these days. Some friends of Anders and Genny got married not too long ago and apparently did a fair amount of DIY-ery. Anders told us we should absolutely get in touch with them, that they would be happy to give us tips and pointers, and it made me realize a couple things: (1) how awesome and forthcoming everyone has been, and (2) how everyone who has either been married, is getting married, knows someone who is getting married, or has even been to a wedding has tons of awesome advice and suggestions.

For example, here is some of the advice we have been given so far:

This is my best man/friend Drew and Drew was like "I'm not taking pictures at your wedding so don't ask" and I was like "I wasn't even gonna ask, geez" and he was all like "well good then" and I was like "fine" and he was like "fine good" and that kept going for a while

– Use a consortium of photographers, like Bella Pictures. My old college chum Ryley, who played a vital role in a short film I made with my friend Andy called “The Gates of Pomona” that is still apparently playing at freshman orientation some 7 years later, got married in Marin and recommended them. The issue of photography is one that I have not yet begun to investigate and deserves its own post (or perhaps its own suite of posts), so for the moment I will just say that they sound really great, Ryley was immensely happy with them, the price is right, and I will most certainly be looking into that option. But you’re just going to have to wait patiently. Ok?

– Also from Ryley: get a videographer. An interesting suggestion, one that I frankly had not thought too much about. I mean, who wants to watch boring ol’ wedding videos anyway? But now with the fancy “HD” cameras that the kids are using these days, video looks really good and isn’t all that expensive. So we will table that for now.*

*[Linguistic fun fact: did you know that in the UK, to “table” something means to talk about it RIGHT NOW? Those Brits – always doing things backwards.]

– From my parents: Make sure there is film in the camera of whoever is the photographer. My dad’s good friend Lloyd took all sorts of beautiful photos of my parents’ wedding, but apparently for that to work there needs to be film in the camera.* Now with today’s digital cameras the point is slightly moot, although I will note with sadness that Katy took all sorts of awesome photos of seven adorable puppies only to find that either her camera or the memory card had malfunctioned, and all the photos were lost. So the sort of macro ideas at work here – make sure shit works – still apply.

*[There are, however, extant photos of the reception, some of which I will be scanning and writing about.]

I mean really who needs one of these am I right!

– We’ve now had two recommendations to have a honeymoon registry, either to replace the traditional gift registry or to have both. A lovely wedding we went to in Austin, TX last year had both, and I was delighted to be able to send the couple on a sunset cruise in Australia (or something like that. It might have been a snorkeling trip). Then on Facebook they “tagged” me (it’s a hip trend, just FYI) in the photos of their sunset cruise/snorkeling trip, as a sort of thank-you. It was pretty sweet, and it gave me more satisfaction than buying them a $150 melon baller or a sorbet baller or really a baller of any kind. It’s unclear to me why we, as a society, feel the need to “ball” melons. Can’t we just cut them into chunks like our ancestors did? Anyway, I am once again merely scratching the surface (or perhaps “balling the surface”) of a wedding topic – registries – that I will delve into more deeply in the future, so deeply in fact that it may be impossible to extract me.

Let us hope it does not come to that.


2 responses to “Pointers: They’re Not Just Dogs Anymore

  1. Well great, now I have to return the melon baller I got you!

  2. You need them ballers to make little butter balls to put on yer fancy dinner table!

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