Spontaneous Wedding Jokes

et’s make up jokes about weddings, right now!” Jessica said.

“Ok!” I said. Making up jokes is a hobby of mine. We both thought hard for a little while, and then I came up with mine. It took her a little bit longer, but she’s a novice and I am a seasoned Jokemaster.

“Ok, you go first,” I said.

“So two brides are walking in the woods. One says, ‘have you seen my groom? he wants to get married in the forest!’ The other one says, ‘Nope. I haven’t.'”


“The end!” she said. “Oh,” she continued sadly, “I’m no good at making up jokes. I’ve only ever made up two jokes in my whole life!”

“Baby,” I said, “your jokes are the best.” It’s true, too, the other two she made up were really awesome.*

“Ok, what’s yours?”

“Ahem: What are the two parts to a ghost’s wedding?”


“The scare-mony, followed by the creep-ception!”

We laughed and laughed, half out of humor and half out of awkwardness. But that’s still 100% funny.

*Here are her two jokes:

– Two popes are walking in the woods. One says to the other, “You SHIT here???”

– Two pickles are out at the beach one day. One says to the other, “Don’t get a sun-brine!”


2 responses to “Spontaneous Wedding Jokes

  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

  2. That?s ultimate . .

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