Awesome Friend Watch 4/17/10

Our awesome friend Cristin, who is totally awesome btw, wins today’s coveted “Super-Awesome Friend” Award (also known as the “Friendies”) for the following act of heroisme*: even though neither Jessica nor I can go, because Jessica’s dad demanded we make delicious homemade pizza for his birthday, Cristin will be attending the Cherish Your Wedding event at Cherish.

*[This is the feminine form of heroism.]

Cherish is a really cool crafts store that is literally right below where Cristin lives in the Inner Richmond (like if you’re standing on the balcony, you can peer down inside the store and spy on the scrapbookers!), and they have free classes from time to time. Today’s class is all about the crafty side of weddings, from invitations to menus to place cards, from programs to comment cards, and everything in between.

So let’s hear it for Cristin! We love her, and we think that you just might love her too.

This is Cristin's first nomination and first Friendies Award.


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