The Berzilian Room, etc.

It’s actually “Brazilian Room,” but Berzilian sounded better. Funnier, actually. Maybe not better. It’s in Tilden Park, high atop Mount Berkeley, and it’s really pretty. I went to a wedding there a few years ago and it really was a sensational place, with its rolling green hill, lovely indoor space, quaint little patio for the ceremony, and ideal location.

Here is where you eat and also dance

The issue, though, is their capacity. They max out at 150, for sitting indoors, but the kicker is that if you want a dance floor, it goes down to 120. And who wants to go to a wedding without a dance floor? Anyone who says “me” is not invited to my wedding. If I were invited to a wedding and there was no dance floor, I’d be like, “Hey! Goober! Where’s the dance floor?”

Anyway, we haven’t called them yet to see if some sort of alternate arrangement could be made – some people eat outside? Move the tables aside when people get that itch to dance? Tabletop Dance Partay?? – but we will. In the meantime, Jessica has been busy being hoodwinked by sweet ladies peddling their venues in flowery tones over the phone.

“So,” Jessica told me, “I think I have discovered an interesting aspect of the wedding industry. The women who try to sell you things all are SUPER sweet, so then you can’t say no.”

“Those BASTARDS,” I said, “Those sweet sweet bastards.”

One of those sweet sweet bastards, who are in fact not bastards but very wonderful ladies who are just doing their jobs, got Jessica all excited about Oceansong, a lovely spot in Occidental that just happened to cost $3,000 solely for the venue. I pointed out to my betrothed that we were going to have a devil of a time getting the wedding in under ten grand if we were shelling out three grand just for the space, to which she pointed out how incredibly sweet the lady was. Then I gave her one of those looks, you know those ones, like “Jeeeeessica” all drawn-out like that, with my head cocked sideways, as if to indicate “don’t get hoodwinked by that sweet lady!”

In any case, we now have our eyes set – or at least partially set – on a place my mom suggested, none other than her former employer Mills College.

Look at that chapel. Isn’t that nice? You think it’s nice – admit it. We’re not interested in a religious wedding, and those pews look mighty pew-y, but it’s pretty beautiful and the price is right (around two grand, including chairs and tables) and there’s all these lawns and such for the reception and for dancing. Plus there’s this too, from Here Comes The Guide:

Also taking advantage of the unique acoustics is the statuesque wood and brushed steel pipe organ, which rises almost to the ceiling. No matter how full the chapel is, you can pledge your vows confident that your guests will hear each tender word.

Since our words are going to be of the extra-tender variety, that’s a serious plus right there.

More later on Mills and sweet bastard-ladies.


2 responses to “The Berzilian Room, etc.

  1. If there isn’t a dance floor I’m not brewing you guys any beer. I’ll just drink it all myself and dance in my room.

    Touche on the blog. Touche.

  2. Jennifer Orbom

    I vote for table top dance party. If I’m invited to this noise.

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