In The Beginning, There Was This Blog

I was playing Tetris on my phone on the couch, watching both the A’s and Giants games simultaneously, when Jessica told me I should write a wedding blog. “They’re always written by the brides-to-be,” she said, “but don’t you think it would be cool if the GROOM wrote one?” I think she clapped a little and may have jumped once or twice, which she does sometimes.

I asked her what the purpose of wedding blogs are – to share with others what I’ve found during the process of planning a wedding? To network with other folks who are getting married? To just sort of babble, blog-style, about my daily life?

She said, “Well, why don’t we take a look at some blogs together?”

I said, pointing at Tetris, “I’m busy with this.”

“Yeah well,” she said, “I’m busy with LOVING YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.”

So I went to use the bathroom and when I came back she had written me a primer on wedding blogs:

A wedding blog is essentially a place for the bride to be to fully indulge in all wedding related fantasies through pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Wedding porn, as it is commonly referred to, serves as a means by which women (do they really think any grooms read this? sorry to be gender normative) get inspired, learn DIY tricks, and become essentially overwhelmed by the styled glossiness of wedding venues, favors, dresses, and center pieces – not to mention the ever chic and

She stopped there, mid-sentence, because I took the computer when I got back to the couch. And then so we started looking at some blogs. She showed me a few that she’d read or heard about and we perused them, with me taking “time-outs” to check the progress of the baseball games. “Wedding blogs seem to be about incredibly specific, detailed pictures,” she said. “And drinks and chalkboards. Lots of chalkboards. Rustic themes. Rustic themes are really big. Lots of focus on paper. Invitations. You really need to have lots and lots of pictures.”

I know when I’m being given good advice, and this was one of those times. So here is a picture of the wedding ring I bought Jessica, on her lovely hand:

See? It’s a blue sapphire, which is like a sister of the ruby. Sapphires are a “9” in the hardness scale, but a single point below the Diamond. Jessica didn’t want a diamond, which jived pretty well with my wallet size. Plus her eyes are blue, and like the old saying goes, “eyes of blue, rings of blue, a happy marriage waits for you.” They do say that.

This blog is going to begin its life in a sort of aimless way, winding its way through the intertubes with snippets of observations about the wedding planning process. There will be photos. There may be chalkboards. There will definitely be jokes, so, you know, think about that. There may be substance but it will be buried beneath layers of chaff.

So here we are, All Things Zilla. Groomzilla, Bridezilla, anything that ends in ‘zilla and that has to do with weddings, you’ll find it here.

So let’s talk a walk out on that ridge together. The Mar-ridge.


4 responses to “In The Beginning, There Was This Blog

  1. So excited about this blog!! I am linking you in my sidebar right now. Awww, I love you guys and am so excited for you both! And I just read all these posts and have laughed out loud like 10 times. Yay!!

  2. Love you both and love this blog! Smiles. . .

  3. If you haven’t stumbled on it yet, you guys should totally check out A Practical Wedding ( Meg is awesome and it’s one of the only wedding blogs I still read at this point in the game. Everything else was just making me feel icky and causing me to second guess myself.

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